Dusters Wake Longboard Review

Dusters Wake Longboard Top Deck View

Longboards take on different characters depending on the mix of components used. We can only assume that Dusters have intended this longboard to be a progressive thrill ride by calling it Wake.


Firstly, the Dusters Wake’s 'fading accent' design is available in four different colour variations. We have the pastel blue (Kryptonics) on white variation which we’re very fond of, as it’s the only board to feature specialist wheels within the lineup. Love it or loathe it, Dusters have covered the wooden deck with coarse grip tape between the accent graphics. The wood is mildly visible through the accents in between the grip tape on top of the deck. Finishing the design is a bold 'Dusters' logo burnt in the wood. It’s a good looking, friendly, yet simplistic design that isn’t trying to make any statements like so many longboards and skateboards do today. It just looks like it wants to be ridden.

Dusters Wake Longboard Deck Graphics Blue


Unfortunately, after searching Google repeatedly to find out what exact materials are used to construct the deck, all we could find is that it has a 7-ply maple construction. However, we’re confident this isn’t the sole material used and that bamboo has been included, as the deck will flex easily when jumped on, although not right down to the ground. Wheels are 70mm 82A Kryptonics Star Trac’s, with Dusters Abec 7 bearings.

Dusters Wake Longboard Kryptonics Wheels

Trucks are drop-through mounted slanted 180mm reverse kingpins. The perception of drop-through trucks is that they’re nothing but trouble for decks due to cracking; but we can’t complain about this as the deck doesn’t show any exterior cracking from our use.

Dusters Wake Longboard Trucks & Wheels

Travelling - Buddy or Enemy

The Dusters Wake is, of course, a long object at 96cm/38 inches, but Dusters have kept the weight off as it weighs a respectable 3KG/6LB 11oz. It’s not comfortable enough to lug under your arm for 30 minutes or so, like the Never Summer Motive longboard or a Penny Original skateboard. However, it also isn’t as lengthy as a longboard like the Koastal Gun and is easy to keep balanced on the ground when on a train; so you don’t get charged rent when you take it to school or work.

Dusters Wake Longboard on wooden board walk


Fast and free are the two main points we’d make about the Dusters Wake. It’s sprightly in terms of speed. It fancies itself as a downhill runner, which we felt the Kryptonics Star Trac 70mm 82A wheels assisted greatly. They’re fairly forgiving wheels when riding over bits of gravel and similar objects, although interestingly they’re not pre-textured and this definitely encouraged blistering speeds to ramp up extremely quickly on the slopes. In fact, the Dusters Wake setup with theses Kryptonics wheels outpaced the more expensive Sector 9 Lookout/Punta Lobos longboard, which we also rated as a good downhill bombing board. Furthermore the drop-through 180mm reverse kingpin trucks lock up as the speed is built, allowing for stoked carving that beginners would feel more relaxed with. So it’s a relatively stable ride with the coarse grip tape keeping our feet fixed on the board comfortably. The Kryptonics wheels make it possible to whip out slides and a bit of not too serious trickery from the setup too.

Dusters Wake Longboard Downhill Bombing

Singularly, we firmly believe a longboard needs to be a reliable commuter. The Dusters Wake longboard shines for this type of use and copes fine when leaping off the mild curbs you encounter on your journey, as well as dodging through parks and the people/obstacles within them with a good amount of leeway, the trucks having positive control and offering lots of fun too. They’re nowhere near loose enough to experience any surf-like motion, but it’s a good balance for dagger speed on the slopes and prompt pleasant cruising on the flat.


All in all the Dusters Wake + Kryptonics longboard is a straight to the point speedy board. It’s a fantastic longboard choice for people who want a full sized setup for getting to school and work on time, and all for a sub $184/£160 budget.

Four Stars