BuzzBee Nano Drone Review

BuzzBee Nano Drone Landed on Fence Post

The BuzzBee Nano Drone from RC Insane is apparently the smallest drone, or quadcopter, in the entire world! At £29.99 it seems like a good idea for anyone considering larger drone ownership to try this out first, and it's obviously a sensible choice for children.


As demonstrated by our photo, the BuzzBee Nano Drone is small enough to balance on the end of an index finger! It’s hard to believe there’s actually a motor, battery, wireless receiver, four propellers and all-around LED lighting crammed into this micro design. It doesn't escape the eye when flying, thanks to the bright orange on white colouring, and this is particularly important because it can be controlled from over 25 metres.

The Controller

Following through with the brief, the controller is also small, but the layout of textured analogue sticks and tracking adjustment d-pad doesn't feel squished when in hand. It’s comfortable to hold during the brief 6 minutes of flight. A really neat inclusion is the translucent dome where the drone can be securely housed, making the controller an effective carry case for taking anywhere in your coat pocket. The lack of supplied 2x AAA batteries in the box to power the remote was a little frugal though.

Is it Fun?

The only answer to this question is yes! Straight out of the box the insect-level of scale becomes quite an appealing form for indoor flight. But venture outdoors and the BuzzBee Nano Drone shows how versatile the world's smallest design is. It can reach heights to comfortably pass over a 2 storey building and flying in a light breeze isn’t too challenging thanks to the inbuilt 6-axis gyro keeping the drone afloat. It’s fairly simple to navigate - although landing we still struggle with! It’s also surprisingly sprightly, darting in an omnidirectional manner and then immediately regaining its mid-air static hovering when we take our finger off the directional analogue. In fact, for such a reasonably priced drone, we thought the controller was very accurate and responsive. Pushing in the directional analogue stick engages the 360 flips - a visual treat but a bit gimmicky in implementation.


It turns out the smallest drone in the world has potential for huge amounts of fun! It’s a sensible taster drone, at just £29.99, to enjoy indoors and out. We particularly admired the compact controller design that conceals the drone for immediate flight wherever you are!

Four Stars