Snugpak Subdivide Bag Review

Snugpak Subdivide Bag.jpg

The Snugpak Subdivide bag comes exclusively in black and in one size, measuring 79cm(L) x 30cm(H) x 36cm(W) and has a total capacity of 90L. On paper, this should be the perfect individual bag for a weekend away camping or travelling, so we put it to the test.

Exterior Design

Before we get onto the amount of gear you can squeeze into the Snugpak Subdivide, we have to touch on some of the exterior features, some evidently inspired by Snugpack's tent and sleeping bag designs. For instance, familiar to campers, there are compression straps fixed to each side of this bag, allowing the bag to take a smaller overall footprint - brilliant for when bulkier items are stored in the front section and when the bag is at home not being used. There are carrying handles fixed to the top and bottom of the bag for carrying it upright, and another one, which splits into two parts so access to the zippers is easier, is designed for carrying the Subdivide sideways. When travelling on flat ground a retractable handle can be whisked out of the bag, transforming it into a pleasurable upright roller too. We love the choice of carrying options this bag yields, it makes it practical for outdoor and indoor use.

Snugpak Subdivide Bag Retractable Handle.jpg

Storage Options

There's a slightly overwhelming amount of storage facility found within the Snugpak Subdivide.

Snugpak Subdivide Bag Top Compartment.jpg

Starting with the zipped compartment on the top of the bag, designed for quick access, where we find four pen holders, a small pocket for items such as torches or smartphones, and a bigger pocket underneath these which is great for access to literature. Further down on the front of the bag is an elasticated string: We used this to equip a Penny skateboard to the front, which worked perfectly as it was quick to ship on and off. Underneath this we have the first of the two main compartments, accessed via zipping, and opening in a C shape to allow large items to be easily stored as this area has lots of volume. We used it for keeping things such as a notebook computer, a tablet, shoes and a sleeping bag. In the lining of the zipped entrance door is one large meshed pocket: We used this for tucking away smaller objects like portable speakers and lengthy charging cables for phones, tablets and notebooks.

Snugpak Subdivide Bag Front Compartment.jpg

Accessed via a zipper running along all three front edges from the side of the bag is the main compartment, which is supported along the back of the Subdivide by a highly robust plastic body and two metal bars for the retractable handle. This spacious area is the tallest, widest and deepest, and because of this it makes the storing of light tents a charm. We found the Snugpak Scorpion 2 tent which we reviewed over the summer neatly packs within this area. But because its dimensions are less than the subdivide's we didn't want the tent to roll about; fortunately Snugpak have included straps with clip buckles to secure items such as these. With all the extra room around the tent we could store plenty of clothing items too. Plus, as illustrated within our photo, Snugpak have been determined to make use of all the space on the opposing wall by fixing four different sized meshed pockets.

Snugpak Subdivide Bag Rear Compartment.jpg


The Subdivide's outer fabric is 600D PVC polyester and is a durable material that has shown no wear from our usage. But we fear the polyester which travels underneath and around the roller wheels could eventually get rather worn from general rolling and stopping. A design improvement here would have been to totally cover the bottom section around the wheels in rugged plastic.

Snugpak Subdivide Bag Rear View.jpg


This bag could well be overkill for some, but for those who need this kind of hefty capacity with them in an all-in-one solution it's brilliant. We've demonstrated that when using the bag frequently the overall storage design shows itself to be organised and can hold essentials alongside modern life luxuries. The three exterior carry handles and retractable roller also make the hefty achievable weights manageable.

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