Z-Flex Jay Adams Cruiser Skateboard Review

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The Z-Flex Jay Adams Cruiser Skateboard is a nostalgic blast, featuring the original deck shape that Jay Adams rode in 1976, updated with the modern advancements of up-to-date skateboarding hardware.


Previously we have reviewed the very affordable Z-Flex 76 Longboard, which we really enjoy cruising around on. Z-Flex have the ability to produce true and pure skate characteristics, of which this board is a great example. And for variety Z-Flex aren't holding back on the different designs the Jay Adams Cruiser is available in: with stains in cherry red, orange, blue cyan, white (this one glows in the dark), purple, a very spicy tie dye variant and also on offer are graphic lines, dubbed P.O.P, LBC, and Always Radical. We have the all black stained design, with green and purple wheels and graphics. This particular design sets a very 80s image, and the others are also a time warp back to the 70s and 80s pop culture.

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The Ride

Being 29.75” in length and 7.5" in width at the thickest point, the deck just looks a lot more interesting in comparison to the current theme of skateboard deck shapes available, which tend to be a few inches wider and have deeper concaves. The deck is constructed from 7 ply 100% Canadian Hard Rock Maple and this sets up a frozen deck that basically refuses to flex. But the ride isn't actually knee shattering due to the overall character of the deck, because the trucks and wheels spread the pressure. Foot placement on the die cut grip tape (featuring the trademark holographic Z-Flex logo) always remained comfortable and secure on the Jay Adams Cruiser. The deck features a mellow concave and kick-tail, which added comfort to our posture when just cruising around, as we often just left our back foot resting against the kick-tail. We could achieve kick flips, ollies, etc with little effort and hop the skateboard briskly onto curbs, which is made even easier with the 14mm Riser blocks elevating the deck. Again emphasising its brilliant commuting style.

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Its ride is silky, assisted by 5" rough polished Z-Flex trucks with 90A bushings/cushions. The bushings convey tight and responsive manoeuvrability and make sure you can dart in a straight line on the flat, without drifting off unintentionally to the sides. Its straightforward steering is a major factor of why we enjoy using the Jay Adams board as a cruiser; to carve down the slopes and to generally manoeuvre on a commute is bags of fun. Wheel bite is further avoided by Z-Flex incorporating sanded wheel wells. The Z-Flex 63mm 87A Z-Smooth semi-translucent wheels, with Abec 7 Z-Speed bearings help to unleash even more smooth and balanced enjoyment when riding the Z-Flex Jay Adams Cruiser Skateboard. The wheels aren't pre-textured at the factory, but are very grippy when worn in, even on wet surfaces, and have a nice spongy bounce to them when dropping the board from a height onto hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt. And the bearings easily keep the wheels rotating along on the flat for a good while too.

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Cruising up to a skate-park on the Z-Flex Jay Adams Cruiser Skateboard will no doubt cause a few heads to turn in interest, just to admire this clever historic throwback. It's a tried and tested deck design that suits ramps, bowls and grinding perfectly. Experienced skaters will love its pureness as it gets straight to the point to unleash buckets of fun and longevity at the skate-park. But when out of the skate-park and on the streets, it's a credible commuting board due to its very functional steering and overall design, plus it's an intermediate downhill bomber. Also, because the deck isn't outrageously wide, you can tuck it into an open backpack for storing when on trains, etc.

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If you crave a retro and nostalgic ride, the Z-Flex Jay Adams Cruiser Skateboard will fulfil that wish. Dependant on design this skateboard carries a retail price of between £119-£139, but designs are widely available on Amazon for less via our links below.

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