Xtorm Power Bank Elite 5000 Review

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The Xtorm Power Bank Elite 5000 (AL400) is a mid-range sized battery pack with regard to charging capacity, within a skinny body which is roughly the same dimensions as an iPhone 5/5s.

Design & Features

It's actually reminiscent of the iPhone's design, with what feels like an aluminium back and something of a fingerprint magnet (available in either blue or black) glossy plastic front, which we would have preferred to have been a matt surface. If you're conscious of style, the Power Bank Elite is one of the most stylish battery packs we've ever seen or used, definitely magnified by the skinny design.

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At just 8mm thick the Xtorm Power Bank Elite 5000 is seriously slim and light. It's a battery pack that suits being carried in your jean's pocket or tucked away in a pouch within a bag. But unlike battery packs we've previously reviewed with similar compact dimensions this has a large capacity too. And you can check-in on how much charge is left by the press of a single button, revealing a four bar blue LED indicator.

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How far will this Xtorm Power Bank really go when fully charged, then? Well, from our testing, we could completely charge an iPhone 5/5s twice, which demonstrates very efficient battery cells. And because the single USB 2.0 port has a rated output charge at 5V/2.1A we could also charge tablets, with an iPad Air charged to just over 50%. The moment a device is connected the charger immediately begins charging without the user having to press any buttons - which we liked.

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Xtorm have conjured up a stylish premium quality super skinny battery pack with the Xtrom Power Bank Elite 5000, that really crams plenty of juice for heavy smartphone users to keep up and running throughout the day ahead.

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