Death Wish Coffee Review

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There is no doubt that we approached this product with some trepidation. . . just how strong was it going to be? The company claim that it's the strongest coffee in the world!

The Discovery

Well, there was only one way to find out and that was to try it. But before going into that let's say how we came to know about it. There's a presenter on UK tv named Jonathan Ross and he tried it on his show - it seemed an awesome idea. So we did some research, realised that Death Wish Coffee was causing a considerable stir in the media (often with much tongue-in-cheek amusement and suggestions of dire effects) and obviously thought Slinky Studio should try it - with all the reviews and deadlines a good dose of caffeine might be just what we needed.

How It Came To Be

The company behind Death Wish Coffee came up with the idea because they found the strongest caffeine content was in the lighter roasted beans, whereas the strongest tasting darker roasts had less caffeine content, contrary to what most of us believed. So they set out to find a darker roast bean with a strong caffeine content. . . in fact, 200% more than normally found in high street outlets like Starbucks and Costa!

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Taste Test

Great! Let's give it a go, we thought. . . but suppose the warnings are right and it sends us into some weird frenzied state, where we bounce off the walls and have trouble hitting the keypad due to extreme hand shakes and lack of co-ordination between head and body. . ? Suppose our bodies are not ready for such on onslaught of Death Wish caffeine?

Right, 'Let's do it,' we said, and used our Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker to produce our first cup of Death Wish Coffee . . . we had it black, of course and sweetened to our own tastes. . . We brewed a 12 oz. cup which apparently contains 660mg of caffeine.

What a revelation. It has a richly dark taste, but is not 'rough' at all. In fact, it is a truly nice strong coffee and is full of flavour. This was unexpected because we thought it would be a harsh, rough tasting coffee. There is no doubt that it wakes you up and gives you a kick, but to a seasoned coffee drinker this seems fine and just what is needed when your metabolism is flagging. No, this is a really good coffee and the makers should be commended on producing a flavoursome ground bean that has such a caffeine impact.

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Once tried we found it quite addictive - well, one or two of us, that is! But we do keep to only one cup a day - don't want to climb down from the ceiling too often!

The great part about it is that the beans are organically grown and fair traded, so there need be no guilt trip in the enjoyment. (Apparently they are also bird friendly but then we didn't realise there were beans that disliked birds to being with!

Now I'm flagging on what else to write. . . so it's back to the coffee maker - yeh, see ya!

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